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    7 Days Anti Hair Loss Serum 1,299.00
  • -28%Limited
    Hair Remover Spray 1,299.00
  • -28%Limited
    Jaysuing™ Peach Fuzz Hair Cream 1,299.00
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    Keratin Hair Care Balance Keratin Hair Mask & Keratin Hair Treatment for Healthy Scalp 1000 ml 1,799.00
    • USAGE:After shampooing, Make sure to remove excess water from wet hair before applying hair mask to untangle hair.
    • Hair tend to be healthier near the roots and damaged towards the ends, Use generous quantities of hair mask on your damp hair and concentrate on these areas while applying. It helps nourish and protect the hair cuticles from further damage such as split-ends
    • Massage your scalp and hair with your fingertips, or you can brush hair with a wide-toothed comb after applying the mask to ensure converge. Make sure leave the hair mask on your hair for a minimum duration of 10 to 20 minutes. Then rinse out with clean water.
    • For better results, you can wrap hair post-application in a a warm towel, Steaming your hair .(Recommended duration is 20 minutes).
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    MAIGOOLE Hairline Repairing, Shadow Powder, Replenishing Hairline, Modifying Contour, Filling Hairline, Hairline Powder, Eyebrows 1,299.00

    100% brand new and high quality products.

    The powder is fine and smooth, easy to spread, and evenly colored.

    The product adopts a small sponge head design, which is simple and quick, and it can be used with a single tap.

    Full color, rich color, high color rendering.

    Waterproof and sweat proof, not easy to fly powder, not easy to stick powder.

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    Silk & Gloss Hair Straightening Cream🔥 Black Friday Clearance🔥 1,299.00
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